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Originally Posted by mdubya View Post
It is the difference between being paid millions to do something and being a weekend warrior who goes into debt paying his own way.

How many chances are you going to get to fight for a World Championship? Better to make the most of it if you can.

Regarding Dani; I see him finishing fourth when that is the best finish he can get as the sign that he truly is WC material (not that it was ever in doubt for me).

I don't hope or will any particular rider to win. I am more interested to see how it plays out. We are witnessing a great season.

The last few seasons were great too. Too many people hated to see Stoner as part of it and Rossi neutralized. Too bad for them.
I'm not sure how much money is the motivator vs the chance to show that you're the best. If you're the best at something there's a chance that money will follow. No matter how much money you pay some one it won't make them the best.
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