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Have you seen this asshat in court? He looks like he is the coolest guy at the beach just checking out girls; without a care in the world. I would not get a clue he even thought he was in any trouble without the audio. Most people are nervous in traffic court. The kid is a true psychopath...but of course I am sure he would not have possibly fooled you, or that stellar management team in Oakland. And geez, there has never been another teammate in the history of sports the other players did not like and shunned. Although I will have to admit, I cannot recall any of them going out and killing folks. That is usually the team leaders..............the face of the NFL.

I hardly doubt they had any reason to believe that Aaron Hernandez was a potential serial killer, until the same time we did.
How about the recent news that the Bengals (yeah, the Bengals) passed on him in the draft because of character issues?

The whole thing is weird.

Btw, the Raiders only have 4 more player arrests since 2000 than the Patriots.

The commonly held belief that the Raiders are the league leaders for players getting in trouble isn't true.
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