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The continued adventures of Egg and Nutzy

Picking up where we left off last time...

Saturday was a long BrP day, to get from south-central PA to south-central NY--254 miles by the most direct route, 378 by the much more fun route we used. The riding was good, so we didn't make many stops for photos, but when Nutzy saw this chopper he insisted we stop for a picture. It is a little hard to see in the small version here, but Nutzy is sitting just on top of the "No Loitering" sign.

As I mentioned in the USA Tag thread, I got some news on Saturday that meant I had to cut my trip short and return home to be at work Monday morning, so at the hotel that night Nutzy, Egg, and I sat down and put together a long 1 day route home. Unfortunately, that meant a lot of numbered roads, but I planned the route so if we had time and the weather cooperated I'd be able to make a short detour show the guys some of my favorite roadside "art". Sadly, as we left the Catskills the sky opened up, making our ride from NY into MA on the Taconic Trail a little more exciting than expected, and when we got to the turn-off point for the sight-seeing detour we realized it would take us back into the storm we were riding out of, so we decided to save the sight-seeing for another day.

This worked out well, as a few miles down the road we rode past, uh, I have no idea what these are, and both of the guys started asking me "What the hell are those?" so we turned back to take a closer look.

Nutzy was intrigued, and wanted to stay behind to see what they look like after dark, until Egg reminded him how excited he'd been about seeing Boston. With all of us on the same page again, we took to the road heading east again. A little later, I heard Nutzy tell Egg, "I've been to Florida before, but I don't remember it being this hilly last time." Egg smacked him upside the head and said, "Different Florida, you nut!"

At this point, it was getting late, and the storm was chasing us, so we bailed on the rest of the route and took the fast-if-boring Rt. 2 blast across MA to get home before dark.

The guys came with me to work, and were good sports about it, but by yesterday afternoon I could tell they were getting frustrated being cooped up in an office, so I offered to take them out on a walking tour of the city. Nutzy was excited, but Egg was playing it cool until I mentioned there would be a cold Sam Adams for him at one of our first stops.

The guys saw Ben Franklin:

Sam Adams (Egg was *not* amused):

Paul Revere (what rider wouldn't stop?):


The Egghead liked this statue on the Common best:

While Nutzy prefered this one:

Later, in the Public Garden, Egg had never seen swans so big, but refused to believe they weren't real:

Then the boys posed with George:

and the Angel:

then rode on the Ducklings like little kids:

As we passed the State House, Nutzy exclaimed "must be nice to be a politician around here, if the girls are doing so much business they get their own entrance!" and wouldn't hear any other explanation for the name:

Along the way, Egg had noticed this place, and insisted we go back so he could find out about his options. After hanging out with Nutzy for a little while, Egg confided in me that he wished he'd been more selective about his inkwork, "That stuff was fun when I was younger, but now that I'm an old Egg I feel a little silly walking around with it all out there for the world to see."

While there he made an appointment to get his tats taken care of this morning.

After our tour, we went back to my place for drinks. Egg insisted I owed him a Sam Adams, and Nutzy confessed that in all of his travels he'd never had a mint julep, so I made one up for him:

I sat with Egg through his procedure this morning, it seemed really painful but he came out of it looking like a new Egg:

Nutzy couldn't believe he did it.

We're off for dinner tonight with some local Biker Skum in Cambridge, then back on the road in the morning.
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