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OK then. I was confuzzled by this post and it's meaning as I was out of the loop on something. I don't cheat on ADV with F800Riders so I think that's why.

Anyway, I got the jist of it and did the following:

My '09 F8 with 50K kms has the original battery, stator and RR. I purchased a new Deka batt and the latest OEM RR and changed both today just as preventative maintenance only, both worked fine. I changed the battery first to maintain good investigative practices.

Old RR: 13.9 V at idle with or without high grip heat and high beam on.
13.8 V at 4K rpm with no additional load.
13.7V at 4K with high grip heat and high beam on.

New OEM RR: 14.45 V at idle with or without high grip heat and high beam on.
14.3V at 4K with or without high grip heat and high beam on.

So that's about half a volt higher across the board and rumour here is that the higher voltage is preferred by the Alt and battery and may prolong the life of things. I also bought a Spark Bright Monsoon LED voltage monitor to be installed. I want to see how far this original stator will last. It's cooler in Canada so that may attribute to it's longevity being heat is the killer. We'll see what happens on my Toronto to LA trip soon. Oh I have a new stator waiting, I just don't want to give in to fear.

BTW, I bought two new RR's reeeeeeeeel cheap so that's why I went that route.

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Ed has also posted a pic which shows the difference in Mfr part No on the new spares stock of VR's which confirms what Joel was saying, new one at the top

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