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This last weekend my lights and flyscreen showed up at the post office, so last night I got on the ball and built the rest of the mounts. I started with some 1"X 1/8 aluminum stock and cut it to length.

I then took the pieces and used a piece of Titanium billet to form the curve for the fork

Four done and they fit pretty well

Next step is to drill and tap the collars on the end

Once they were bolted up I drilled and tapped the other end. When I went to the hardware store this weekend in preperation I was running on 3 hours sleep for a 30 hour period so my math skills were not up to par, I got only eight of the 16 5x.80 bolts I needed. And at 11:30 pm there are not a lot of places open for hardware.

Since the factory gauges were meant to be used with the fairing they obtusely stuck up in the air like an erection at a nudist colony. So, I cut the factory gauge bracket down and welded it back together so the gauges were just off the triple clamp

With the gauges in place I drilled the fork clamps for threaded inserts and installed them

I then made some support brackets out of some aluminum in the odds and ends bucket. I had to tweak the ends to match the lights and when I put the ear in the vice I found that I had made the ears out of 7075-T6 it was a total bitch to bend

They are pretty plain-jane right now, but I plan on adding some lightening holes to purdy them up before sending them off for powdercoating

In the below photo you can see how low the gauges now sit.

And here is the result, I am pleased with it. I know I am mixing a coupe of genres cafe racer/streetfighter but I like the attitude of the speed triple look with the classic tail and dual shocks of a cafe racer. Comments good and bad are appreciated

I also built the intake system last night. I did not want to run pod types and since the original area of the airbox is now the battery cover I had to get creative.

I have always liked the look of external piping on turbo bikes and a longer intake track usually help smooth out the incoming air. so I bought a couple of these and chopped them up

I also bought this dual inlet K&N

Now if you remember I am using COP ignition and I have a little extra room under the tank where the stock coils bolted up. So that is where the airfilter was going. It did require that I remove a couple of the vent slats from the started cover to fit it though.

It fits much better than I expected and fills the relief cut fully. Next stop is to mock up the bends I cut from the original mandrel bend.

One of the things I had to work around was frame braces that I plan to install when the parts get here. On the left side of the bike I also had to work around the underseat exhaust I built

And here it is mocked on the left side

I welded them up and now I have to smooth them prior to powdercaot. the are not obtrusive and fill out the engine compartment. I like the "busy" but purposeful look and they add support for the carbs.

And lastly I was shopping at the local Goodwill thrift store a while back and found this for $19.99. My Kawasaki has no place for bobbins to use it but that Titanium billet gave me an iderrrr....

R100 cafefighter build in progress
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