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Originally Posted by teambft View Post
Well, tightened the carbs down to the boots. Rode her tonight and it started again with the same symptoms. Thanks for all the advice - will keep digging.

Are your tanks full? As long as fuel is above carb level it'll feed the carbs. This is a quick way to tell if you have a bad fuel pump... I'm on my 3rd one.

Unless you added a fuel filter, there isn't one on there from the factory besides the strainer screens on the petcocks. Otherwise a plugged up one can cause this.

Since you rejetted, it could be something has gone awry in the carbs. Remote possibilities could be a leaking diaphragm, sticking float needle, overly lean adjusted float.... but these just don't seem likely to me.

Could also be sucking air from one of the smog gear holes in the intakes.

My money's on fuel pump. Hope you get it worked out so you can go ride that thing.
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