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Triple Posting - All Fired Up to Ride

Will be out for a moderate pace cruise this weekend I think. Realizing the ride I want to do is on a bike I no longer own (rats) so gonna have to decide if I wanna push the shiot out of the 950 offroad or putt on the 530...

Gonna hold off to see who all is interested - I think redwave may git out, maybe five0jester... Anyone else wanna git out and ride saturday?

Still trying to figure out destination so far my wants/constraints are:
  • >5000' (over 7000' preferred)
  • <50 mile radius from northfork start point
  • <85 Degrees
  • As little asphault as possible after the meet up spot (but this likely goes without saying)

Of course no dust would be listed but I think that would be completely rediculous this time/year I think...

Kaiser Pass area?
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