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In the morning, we headed into the Ozarks. It was pretty impressive how beautiful it was after the farmlands. Also, it was more dirt as opposed to gravel. We were headed west often on tops of the little mountains. Eventually, I got us in our first truly lost moment. But I figured it out with the GPS. We had just taken a right turn a little too soon. Then the trail became much more difficult than the typical TAT(so far). I already wasn't feeling great, then getting lost on top of it started me think about the "what ifs". What if we get even more lost? What if we go down a hill that we can't get back up? What if I panic? What if it gets hotter? Well, we kept moving forward and it did get steeper and a lot more technical. Then at the bottom of the hill, travis went ahead and then he found a very cool swimming hole. The water was slate blue and milky. And cool. It was a good reset. The GPs showed us getting closer to next highway. There was one technical water crossing then a bouldered section of trail then a long DEEP river crossing. It had a gravel floor which was perfect. I made it through no problem. Travis stalled out but the trusty bike started up again.

Swimmin hole

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