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Well... Today was a fun 2-up ride to a nearby lake for a friendly visit. Nothing spectacular, no hill climbs, no rock strewn battlefields, just a bit of highway loaded to nines. The 990 again makes me think it will do anything anyone asks of it, lol! It also reminded me that I hate riding with a passenger, haha! Not that she was a bad passenger, I'm just greedy and like my bike for myself, ;)

Got home and pulled out the 908's to get ready to mount tires tomorrow morning as I'm off to Kookanoosa for the weekend with a buddy to ride some kick arse terrain and low and behold I did find that dent I mentioned earlier. Front rim, right side... Not too bad. Sucked up a few spokes and I may try to drift it a bit back into shape with a 2X4 and a 10lb'r when I have the tire off. It doesn't surprise me at all that it's dented... What surprises me is that it took this long, haha! 7000kms and here's the first one. Decent stock rims, but yet another reason for me to bank a bit of coin for a good set of skinnies from Woody's. Unfortunately, though, now I need TWO sets... One for the 990 and one for the 450, ha! Frig... I need to win the lottery or something!

Dent... Not bad, but if not addressed now it will get out of shape quickly. I was running 30psi in the front as it was a really rocky section that I ride fast, but it didn't prevent it... Probably stopped me from getting a total blowout though, haha!

I haven't looked at the rear rim yet but I'm pretty sure where that cut in the sidewall is on the Heidenau Scout will be a matching dent in the rim. Meh... stuff like this happens when you get off the pavement. I just can't believe I didn't suffer a puncture let alone TWO punctures. I should have been changing tubes all weekend and didn't! Must be someone looking out for me upstairs, ;)

My OBDI adapter cable came in so I may also load up that powertrips map and give it a whirl. It's still REALLY snatchy on tight, slow single track and I'll be spending a lot of time in that stuff over the weekend. Fuel mileage is still fine at 39-41mpg normal riding/25-30mpg off road. Hopefully I don't lose a ton of mileage, but as long as the ride is smooth I don't care. Only things I'm waiting on now are a shorty screen so I don't have a guillotine staring me in the face all the time on the trails and some bits (top secret related to fuel range!).

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