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Originally Posted by Jan from Finland View Post
What constitutes as a significant crash?

I would count none because all parts of my body have (more or less) healed and are still functioning. Temporary pain, broken parts and what-if accidents do no qualify as a significant, or do they? If so, I would count more.
Yes, I did think someone would bring that up, and I did think of trying to define it. It would be a bit difficult to do concisely in the poll question, and pointless doing so in the opening post; I guess most people open at the last page or last post. Even if I did define it people would have their own interpretation.

In the end I thought it best to leave it as "up top you" as they say.

For me a significant crash is one that causes enough damage to require the attention of medic or mechanic. Superficial abrasions to the body or body work would be insignificant to me...... but may be significant so someone else.

I find it interesting that so many people claim to have had "none at all".

"None significant" and "one" is about where I would have expected / hoped the numbers to peak...... Nuff said for now!
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