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Originally Posted by MotoBoss View Post
SWEEET..............Welcome and keep riding
Originally Posted by RTinNC View Post
Congratulations on the new bike and entry to street riding. Certainly looks like you made a great choice in bike and gear! Here's to many happy miles and smiles!
I appreciate the warm welcome, thank you! So far, the bike has been flawless and the gear seems to be working! It was kind of hilarious riding a CBR250R single in a group that included a GS1150, an R1200RT, an R1200C, a Harley Police Special, and an ST1100! I was probably less comfortable (but not uncomfortable) on the highways but once we hit the hairpins I was in high cotton! It was also kind of cool that during rest breaks, people - usually BMW guys - would come over to chat and check out the little sportbike. I think most people were kind of surprised that a quarter liter could keep up with the liter+ bikes while hauling around a 200-pound rider plus two saddlebags and a couple of DrySpec tailpacks. I guess it's all about a different approach to riding: conserve momentum; work the six-speed aggressively to keep the rpm in the powerband; don't hesitate to use a lot of throttle, anticipate any "need for speed" and build it up a little earlier than the rest of the crew. Even running the pants off the motor though, I was getting between 69-80 mpg, yielding a range of 200+ miles on the 3.4 gallon tank.
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