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So, NBR is pimped as Reality TV? Was it about a ride, or a charity, or how to fail at telling a story?

Where was the Reality TV of the orphanage, the back story of the founders of the orphanage, how NB found the orphanage, and what endeared him to the orphanage? We, as the audience, could have been much more engaged if each episode had offered glimpses of the goal, the orphanage's day-to-day in contrast to the riders daily lives, and the reason the goal is held dear to NB.

Does NB care enough about his charity to detail it during the training episode #1 (no), or episode #2 during the "sand trial" (no)? Does he talk about it with passion to the selected actor/riders to prepare them and encourage them (not on camera)? Where is the hook to get the audience cheering for the goal, or for the participants to reach NB's stated goal (did it get edited out, in trade for false "character" development)?

Did the actors/riders audition for the ride, in addition to fund their ride? If they did, the casting director should be replaced. Did the writers or casting intend to introduce, in detail, any of the actors/riders previous charity experience (because of so, it was lost in editing)? Why were none of the characters portrayed with a passion for charity (not even NB, and it was his story... intended to benefit his charity)?

Did any of the riders become friends (with each other, or the crew, because the editors missed it)? The story and the character selection left no one for the audience to cheer for (maybe the one guy with the skinned Llama, but he was not scrutinized by the casting director). I guess Spanish or the native tongue was too controversial for public ears (very few native voices in the entire show)?

The sand road editing was too much close up film. For what reason (an attempt to gain some first-person compassion)? After the first few falls, the viewer had no option but to pick apart the poor bike choice, the poor tire choice and lack of advance rider preparation on the bike they were riding. It provided too much wear & tear opportunity for the viewer to see NB as an ignorant & manipulative guide (prepared for disaster to address liability concerns, but also planning for disaster at the actors/riders expense).

We needed more overall wide screen photography when weather allowed. The riding photography was good for the conditions, but not enough of the country was shown to capture and communicate the new riders awe of visiting somewhere unconstrained by a cage. The mountain mist sucked for the film crew and they did a very good job of salvaging footage that reflected the terrain in compact depths of field. The edited camera loops missed showing any connection between the riders and the country on the sand road (it was all close up sand). The editors missed showing any connection between the riders and the country they visited.

What was likable? The Guy from BMW (he was always ready to help the riders). The guy driving the support truck (again, always helpful). The man delivering the Llama to his home was the highlight. The kids on the road stops were all good, but by the time the orphanage was brought to light the freshness of any interaction was ruined (by the previous focus on NB pushing the riders to mix with the locals).

Before you try filming another ride, try filming prep story of the goal (the charity, the orphanage, & the kids). Let the characters actions tell their story (don't tell us the good Dr. is a rider and then disappoint us when actions reveal otherwise). Let NB and the crew show some passion, for riding and for the charity. Introduce the crew, camera crew and support crew, and mix the crew and the actors/riders (unless the intent is to segregate them into distinct castes/classes). Show the editor the opening scene of Lawrence of Arabia, and the countryside, before cutting begins. Give yourself two-weeks or more in-country to better tell the local's story.

It's worth doing again.
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