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Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
You are providing information which is inaccurate for an ever-increasing number of states in the US.

The XR650R was NEVER certified as street legal. The Feds are using a VIN database
to detect motorcycles which have been registered when the law, if adhered to, would have prohibited
such registration. Bikes which lack a VIN which correlates with EPA and DOT certification
will not be street legal in a growing number of states, and no kit from Baja Designs will
change this.

I just love advice from people like you, who have no idea what they are talking about.
What you wrote will lead some people into a mess of legal hassles which cannot be resolved,
if they are foolish enough to believe your erroneous information, and they will end up with
a bike which cannot be used legally on the road.

Best to buy a bike that was street legal from the manufacturer, and avoid trying to
beat the system. If you don't believe what I wrote above, spend some time on Google and
ask the people at your local DMV. We are in the 21st century now, and computers
are going to make gaming the system impossible for the average person. So the
XR650R will be a trailer-only bike, which is not what most people want when they are
in search of a dual sport or enduro bike.

This is very true in SOME states but will likely not affect people living in most of the core western states aside from CA. There are plenty of plated XRR and other dirtbikes that never got DOT and they're not being de-plated anywhere that I've heard of except CA due to the economic hippy fascism there.
I have a feeling that there are some decisions being made on certain teams lately to make things more complex in order to ensure a certain technological standard of confusion is met.
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