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Never let 'em take you alive, Jerry!

We interrupt our regular programming for this live report from Channel 12's "Eye in the Sky"...

"Thanks, Bob. The video you are seeing is a low speed chase of a curmudgeonly guy on a bootleg Honda scooter running from Sheriff Joe. The man is being chased down for suspicious behavior believed to be 'First Degree Fraudulent Importation of a Vehicle With Less Than 10 Horsepower'. The authorities have put out spike strips, but the scooter tires are so narrow that the perp was able to drive between the spikes. Hold it! It appears an officer has fired 6 warning shots into the perp's helmet. We understand that may not be a vital organ on those who ride on two wheels. Hold it, again! The perp has left I-10, after getting off the 101, and is riding through the desert. Sheriff Joe has decided to skip the usual helicopter pursuit and has launched one of the department's new missile-equipped drones... but, it appears that the little Honda doesn't put out enough of a heat signature to lock on. Wait - this just handed to me... not only is he suspected of the Fraudulent Importation, but it appears the perp is wearing an MX jersey instead of a mesh armored jacket. Obviously, an outlaw biker type. Whoa! He side-swiped a saguaro cactus - that's gotta hurt! He has ducked between the boulders in the Superstition Mountains. We'll have more on this as it unfolds. And now, back to "Days of Our Lives'."

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