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Originally Posted by skysailor View Post
I never buy full coverage insurance. There is NO advantage to it unless you have an "at fault" accident. If the other guy is at fault, your bike is fully covered even without full coverage. Plus, I don't ride a bike worth 20K, or one that is likely to be stolen.
I figure I've save enough over the years to buy several nice new bikes. Of course, the money went to kid's education, wife's Polo Park visits and vacations. YMMV
The difference between PL PD and full coverage on my BMWs was about $100 per bike. With the KLRs I put as a minimum comprehensive on them to cover smacking a hooved rodent (deer). The comprehensive (500 deductible) coverage is about $50 per bike for the year.

Headed to Thunder Bay today to take my daughter on a tour of Con College's Flight training facility tomorrow. The Bandit needs a spin.
Taking the BMWs up to TBay for blues fest tomorrow. Camping at my daughters place.
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