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Originally Posted by fanatic291 View Post
Is there a magic geni that I need to pay off for the pictures to work. Will someone link me to a thread, so I can figure this out?

Here is the link to the pics of our ride.
Here is the main "how to post an image" thread....

I use Smugmug not Flicker so i'm a bit stuck on giving you specifics for your set up, but it basically has to host the photo off site....get a URL link from your picture host site, copy the URL, hit the yellow box w/the mountainsi n the tool bar above the text box on the reply screen, paste your URL into that box and hit okay....if you're doing all that already make sure you aren't accidently leaving a double http:// in the stream, i did that a few times....the link photo (yellow mountain) box puts a http:// in the box but when I cut the URL from my photo host it has one in it I just paste over the one in the short could work both ways i guess, if Fliker isnt putting an http:// in the URL and you are pasting over the one in the shortcut box
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