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Ive ridden Bob's mostly dirt route from Wildwood to Fortuna enough times that its stuck in my head,I dont know the names of many of the roads but I know where to turn when I hit an intersection. The Lost Coast can be incorporated easily into the ride.

13 Dip road is a good one,we rode it early in the year once and the water was almost up to the bottom of the gas tank on my DR650,it never bobbled luckily.

1 guy did submerge his XR600 and it was a long while before it ran again.
Speaking of water.............
I sank my 200 in Kimshew creek last wed,easily 45 minutes of pumping of water/wringing of air filter/draining of carb/flipping the bike every which way to get water out of the pipe/engine.

The mostly hidden/unused trail leading to Kimshew was neat,near vertical switchbacks,thick brush and sheer drops to let the bike roll down.
It was cool! Our guide knew every odd nook and cranny up in the Ragdump area and I saw stuff I hadnt ridden in many years,some Ive never seen.
Some bikes around at times
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