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Originally Posted by RoninMoto View Post
I guess if you had this scooter it would be ok.

But I shouldn't talk shit. I will be on one soon enough in Vietnam

****newsflash change of plans for you*****

just read on the HUBB about Vietnam (as i'll be heading there from the opposite direction) they are letting big bikes in, even a few GS have got thru, so us orange riders should have no problems

you need to enter and exit the same border it appears and there is only one you can use 'Cha Lo' on route 12, coming in from Laos, where you need to get your visa in Pakse,'s a link...

still watching, keep the good shit coming and good luck on that rim, a tip to add to the strength if you do need to ride...if you have some safety wire fix to spokes either side of the crack to stop it opening more and creating a larger stress fracture

Oh, and happy Forth
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