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Originally Posted by SgtDuster View Post
I guess it's one of those cases where we'll have difference of opinions forever. This is my main and only reason for not wanting a do-it-all device:

1. Break/lost it and you lost everything.

One job, one tool. I'm this kind of guy. Even if I'm an IT tech.

You prefer a dedicated smartphone as your GPS? No problem with that. If you prefer the ergos, the software, if you find it more responsive, whatever.

I can lost/break my GPS. I won't be happy but it's not the end of my life. I mean, I can wait few weeks and take my time to read some reviews and wait for a deal to buy another. Same for a camera. But my phone? Everything at the same time?

Anyway, to each his own
A motorcycle GPS costs the same as a high end phone (roughly 600 bucks), so the cost of replacing a GPS is comparable with a phone. There are cheaper GPS units available, and there are cheaper phones as well.

For redundancy, I carry my old phone. I use a mount which has a chance of leaking water into it, worst case, if the phone goes bust, I swap out the older phone. It's the same micro usb charger, and fits in the same cradle and is less bulkier to pack than a GPS. That way, I have redundancy for my phone, music and GPS. It's somewhat important for longer trips where I need a spare, for shorter ones, I wouldn't bother at all.

I've also had my phone really wet a couple of times and it's held up very well. It is not IPX7 or anything, but from a layman point it works out well for me.
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