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Originally Posted by Paebr332 View Post
Statistics can only mislead those who do not understand statistics. I am curious how you concluded my statistics show Alonso to be not so good a driver?
Look at the quote, I didn't say he was a bad driver, quite the opposite, I said he was a better race driver than qualifier. That is why I asked about Senna, he had 41 wins and 65 poles vs. Alain Prost who had 51/33, Senna was a better qualifier, arguably the best ever. Race driving requires planning, strategy, and knowledge, as well as skill, but qualifying is pure car control, the ability to move that car around the course in the shortest possible time. With a "hand grenade" qualifying engine and super sticky, 2 lap qualifying tires, Senna was on another level. And looking at Alonso with 32 wins and 22 poles compared to Vettel with 29/39, shows Vettel the better qualifier and Alonso the better racer.
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