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Much adue about nothing

The prairies was the part of the that ride that I thought would feel like a never ending stretch of boredom. Boy was I misinformed!! Manitoba, with its 1mile x 1mile grid work of gravel roads, is simply stunning! The views, the terrain, the gravel roads, the absence of any traffic all made it a pure joy to ride.

But of course, I was missing something today. After all, this trip has been plagued with water just about every time I get off tarmac. Well, no worries, today would be no exception. It's rained some 16inches in three days near the Saskatchewan border and this is what greeted me mere miles from that province:

Notice the car that got washed away....

The locals told me that the road was out and that there was up to 3 feet of water on the road. Well, maybe I misunderstood and what they where describing was the size of the last fish they caught. Anyway, a little water isn't gonna turn back a member of the APORMC now will it? And just look, not a trace of grass on that stretch of watery tarmac!

Saved me an hour detour that did! :)

At around 5pm, started looking for a place to crash so I hit the tarmac. Took a while to find a place as this is really a very sparsely populated region. And I guess it's true that the prairies are the food store of Canada: I think I saw more of these than people!

Big O's take on the day's events

Wow! Going 120kph in loose gravel roads sure does keep you awake!!! What a blast!

And Mgr. Know-it-all was kind enough to adjust by carburetor as I was running a bit rich. We'll see tomorrow if he did it right...
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