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The damn doohickey that I use to charge the computer on the bike broke a few days back and haven't had a chance to charge it since the last entry. Also to be honest, Saskatchewan was rather dry in color so there hasn't been much to write about. To give you an idea, I drove for eleven and a half minutes without, literally, touching the handle bars!

A few days back, I was informed by my neighboring campers, in Saskatoon, that there was a nice loop to the north that would be much more fun to ride than heading straight to Edmonton from Saskatoon. So north I went.

My first destination was Meadow Lake provincial park. I was told that it had one of the nicest campgrounds in Canada; Sandy Beach. Well, as my luck would have it, this was Canada Day week end and it would seem that Saskatchewanians love to camp. The park had multiple campgrounds and where all full. I ended up in a campground right next to Cold Lake. And I was lucky; I took the very last tent spot!

The next day, I headed out west, to end up in Athabasca. Just a click or two before entering the town, I saw a campground sign saying; that way, 17kms. Question: will there be any space left???

So I find the campground which is the self-registration sort and I'm going slowly, looking for a free spot. Not looking good was thinking I. That's when I spotted a lot with a sign saying: resident manager and this guy walking towards me and Big O, with somewhat of a frown on his face.

Enter Ron!

Have to admit that the frown seemed out of place on Ron's face. He seemed, and later proved it, to be much more inclined to smiling and having a merry good time. But right this moment, Sir Ron was frowning because the campsite has a zero tolerance rule, that he enforces, for quads and dirt bike's and hearing happy Big O chugging slowly along, he figured some twat was again attempting to enter on one of those devilish machines.

Ron here took one look at big O and seeing as he's street legal and all, changed his frown upside down into a very welcoming smile. To Big O's smug satisfaction it must be said! Had a quick chat with Ron about me looking for a tent site for one night, where I'd been, what I was about and where me and Big O where heading. After which he promptly showed me where I could set up camp. Hearing that I had some electronics to charge up, he invited me to hop over, once I was settled in, with what I needed to charge and he would fire up his generator for me! I even got to finally fix the tablet charger doohickey! I'd gone to church again a few days back and prayed for a soldering iron which god promptly provided, but had not had access to an electric outlet since. Ron fixed all that! Wow, my hero!

So, once all set up, I walked on over to his trailer, was greeted by Ron, given beer number one and promptly instructed to have a seat while he started up the generator! Things are on the up and up I'm thinking. A few minutes later, the doohickey is fixed, the tablet and cell phone are happily charging and I'm relaxing with a nice beer, getting acquainted with Ron and co. Co. Being his charming family composed of his wife, three daughters, one grand child, a son-in-law and a boy friend. I know I know, I'm horrible! I don't remember all their names and since they might read these lines: I'm not gonna say who's I member and who's a I don't, so as not to stew up any jealousy. In any case, they all greeted me like an old family friend, even insisting on me staying for supper.

I won't go over the whole night, but I'll let you imagine with this little fact: got back to my tent way past 3am, my bottle of scotch was no more and Ron proved to be a most delightful' host!

So, Ron and co., I'd like to thank you all for a most pleasant evening! And all the more enjoyable for being unlooked for. Hope I did not bore you all to much with my ramblings...

Big O's take on the day's events
I'm not so sure I like Ron as much the big slouch that rides me: because of him, I got to spent the whole evening alone. Some neighbour took pity on me at some point, came over and gave me a beer. BUT HE FORGOT TO OPEN IT FOR ME!!! How was I supposed to do open it? I ain't got no 10 fingers with opposable thumbs!

Life is hard sometimes...
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