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The Rockies!

This morning started off with the usual scenery for Alberta.

But the main course quickly arrived!

Finally! The Rockies! The party I've been most wanting to see on the Canada leg of the trip.

Avoiding southern Alberta due to the floods of previous week, I entered the Rockies from Jasper. Didn't take long for the mountains to make me smile like a child in front of a candy store. It's really to bad that pictures just fail to convey the scale of these mountains. But none the less, here are a few.

Made the tourist stop at this glacier. A bit underwhelming to be frank, but then it's the glacier's fault that it's melting into oblivion...

After the glacier, hit a side road to go to Mnt. Edith Caveli. Boy was that a treat! The small winding road in the middle of lush forest. Some of the turns where really sharp; one i did at 15-20kph and my foot pegs craped the road!

And all this, with beautiful mountain back drops.

Hell, even the campground hade gorgeous view. This picture is from my tent:

Big O's take on todays events

Sure, we've had our differences, but faced with all this beautiful nature: all was forgiven! For now anyway... ;)

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