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Karma goes to the beach

Today was all about lakes as Karma (the mascot) was feeling a bit dirty from all the riding.

First stop was Lake Louise. It's beautiful I'll admit, but that ugly hotel they built and the gazillions of tourists just turn me off to much to really enjoy the scenery...

I found that the secondary lakes where actually prettier...

From the hotel, you can walk to the other end of the lake. Near the end the path crossed a swallow stream. Holly shit was that cold!!! The step felt like cold water, the second start to uncomfortable, by the tenth step you figure that's as cold as it can get! Hell NO! It keeps on getting colder and colder! This happens to be glacier runoff water. It freezing cod! I feel in a river in winter once and it wasn't this cold!

After Lake Louise, we went to a near by lake, much smaller oh how much more beautiful. Still a lot of people, but somehow they weren't to annoying here.

Here re miscellaneous pics of bodies of water of the day.

Near dusk, we arrived at Banff. Holly shit what a tourist trap!! Oh well, time for supplies and head on out to the nearest campground...

Big O's take of todays events
Meh, got bored going from one lake to another, each time waiting forever for Mister to walk around take stills. But I got back at him quite nicely: I managed to wiggle out of my counter shaft nut! I now have an self lubricating chain! Woot Woot!
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