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I'm not saying it would make good TV. Or that there is a huge audience for the challenge coverage.

But count me in as someone who has an interest. I would like to know a bit about the human drama of it all. Especially since I hear there are several participants who chose the Tenere as their weapon of choice. That's gotta make some of us perk up our ears?

I'm no Iron Butt wannabe. But I get a particular satisfaction, in my old age, every time I overcome a long-day challenge. Sometimes that's 700 miles of "gotta be there TODAY". Sometimes it's simply my destination is 1500 miles away and I pick 2 wheels over 4.

Is it true Eric is running this year? Regardless of the banter he gets into around here, I would be a fan of his. Kinda cool to know somebody that's pushing the limits of what we crazy humans can accomplish.
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