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Jala-Abad to Kazarma

Originally Posted by RoninMoto View Post
June 4. Osh to near Kazarman 307 km.
I was on the same road the I had already ridden twice befor until Jala-Abad. When I got close to Jala-Abad, for about 5 km there were trucks parked on the side of the road. I had heard rumors about protests blocking the road between Osh and Bishkek. I was hoping I would be able to avoid the protest but before I knew it, I was there. And there was no way around. So I went through like I owned the place. I rode past all the trucks, cars and people. I wend around the trucks blocking the road. I rode right through the group of people in a large circle listening to someone talking on stage. On the other side I stopped and snapped a few quick pics. A few people started asking if I was going to Bishkek but I said I was going into the mountains to Kazarman. They were skeptical but didn't cause me any trouble. I told them to fight the power and the shook my hand and I went on. Soon I was on some nice ADV roads again climbing through mud and rocks. Snow on the side of the roads. In the evening my bike started to chug and miss. A now familiar symptom. I was looking for a place to camp and the bike died. I guess thats where I camp. This is my 3rd time replacing the low voltage connection to the coil. I cook some noodles and go to bed. It rains some in the night.
Ahh yes the road from Jala-Abad to Kazarma, it's bringing back good memories

I were there in 2009 on my way to Ulaanbaatar during the Mongol Rally.... I really loved the scenery and the road. I passed by in the middel of july and there were still some snow.

I had 4 wheels but we were also 2 people I'm on the roof and my mate is driving the car from the window.

By the way, loving the report. Keep on going and be safe.

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