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Nice! I lived in Lander, Wyoming for decades and worked/played/rode all that area many times, gorgeous country. I'm not surprised you didn't have a good breakfast in Lander...

It looks like the WDOT finally finished rebuilding the highway over Togwotee Pass! Last time I rode it was a bit of a challenge:

They'd put magnesium chloride on the road to keep the dust down, then it rained; that stuff was like GREASE, and it took scrubbing with a toilet brush to get it off! Much better ride with smooth, new asphalt.

It was great to see the snow up there, and I'm not surprised you almost froze camping in GTNP that night. The weather at those elevations can be unpredictable (yes, the date stamp is correct, June 1st):

I'm at work so don't have time to watch the YNP to Red Lodge video now, but of all the riding I've ever done that part of the world stands out like a beacon. Wonderful place, I miss it! Virginia is a fantastic place to ride, but it doesn't have the wide-open grandeur that the Rockies have. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I'm looking forward to checking out your other sections.

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