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On Memorial Day Weekend we actually did something I whole heartedly try to avoid.

We road close to a summer people magnet called "The Jersey Shore" !

The reasons I decided to do this on this particular day were:
1. This was in Cap May County but on the Western side along the Delaware Bay
and not on the Atlantic Ocean side, which is where most of the people go.

2. We came here after church on Sunday so most of the people who were going to the shore were already here.
As long as we were out of there before sunset the traffic should not be to bad going home.
Then again, a lot of people were staying overnight for Memorial Day on Monday so traffic should still not be that bad going home.

3. It is a nice ride!

4. We wanted an excuse to stop at a friends house on the way home !

The Tag was that water tower in the distance.
The fella who dropped this was on his last leg of an 11,000 trip around the United States !

He had gotten my Faux Fire Engines Tag and then ridden down here almost as far south as you can get in NJ.
And this was not even close to being on his way home either !
He does live in New Jersey though.
I kind of figured he was trying to round his mileage out !

To our left, on this fortunately not to busy at the moment road, is a lot of marsh area, or Wetlands, as they like to call it.
This is looking East.

To our right there was a little stream in the Wetlands, which you can not really see in the bottom of the picture where the dead brown stuff is.
Off in the distance is the Delaware Bay, which is not visible.

I road down closer to the Water Tower because I had to get some closeups, of course!

It says "Home Of The Best Sunsets".

Which came from a grade school students contest for what to paint on their nice new water tower.

The tower is in Lower Township.
Don't call them Cape May. That is a sore spot for them!

I decided to get some pictures of the other side while I was here.

The reason for their Slogan becomes clear when you take one of the side roads headed West.

Open beach and no land in sight.

This is along the western side of the peninsula known as Cape May County.
Just north of Sunset Beach I posted with the Concrete Ship and Fire Control Tower.
Which is why Sunset Beach gets its name also, although that is in Cape May.
pgs.: 32, 80

I was surprised there were no people around on this nice wide beach.
Just a bunch of seagulls, who I was surprised were not over at the Boardwalk in Wildwood trying to steal peoples food !

But as sparse as the people were here they still do advertising !!!

Lower Township, NJ

Interesting information on Wikipedia.
They apparently keep giving land up to form other towns and then getting it back when they do not do well !

There was controversy about the slogan on the tower because it does not say anything about Lower Township!

The other side has LTMUA, but the name is not spelled out anywhere on the tower.
They do not want to be confused with "Cape May", NJ.

And adding the name to the tower now would cost thousands of dollars !!! $$$ !!!

Oh well.
Maybe they should just get on of those planes to fly around with a banner spelling it out for the tourists !!!

SJT 872 Home Of The Best Sunsets

Lower Township Water Tower @13

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