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Some info from the regional WF thread:

Originally Posted by FabOneUp View Post
Is there a list or meeting when we get there that explains some of the rides and skill level needed?
So there are no official rides at Westfest that as an organizer I am putting on. I have no idea of the difficulty, or really about any of the rides people are going to go on, other then what is discussed ahead of time. It really is just people going out riding, a lot of which know the area and people can tag along with them. For that matter anyone, even if they are not attending westfest, can go out with any of the groups. None of the fees paid are for any rights to ride, only for the use of the campground and associated activities, if that makes sense to everyone

However, to help facilitate riders getting together and knowing people to ride with and what routes they are doing we are going to do this:

In the pavilion area there will be a table with maps, atlases, a big 44-36in printed MVU map of the Gunnison NF area hanging on the wall, markers for people to highlight routes, and then a white board.

The plan is people can use this area to discuss routes and see the rides on paper. Then guys that are going on a ride and dont mind people tagging along will put their ride up on the white board, listing ride type (dirt, street, DS, etc) difficulty, approximate mileage or time needed for the ride, number of people they want in their group and the time they are leaving. Everyone can then look at the board to see if there are any rides they want to go on and write their name in the sign up area of the white board. Any questions about the route can be talked over with who ever is leading the ride.

I hope this methods helps people link up, meet new riders, and get in on the riding they want. As well as letting them know details about the rides and what to expect.

There are several people that said they will be leading a ride already and we will make sure they are listed on the board Thursday Night, so I think there should be a pretty good choice of rides right from the start from street/gravel to dirt.

Anyone that has specific questions about the area, wanting route suggestions, people to ride with, or whatever can certainly ask me and I'll give you any info you want, or if I dont know direct you to someone that will.

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