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I am not really sure how to break this stop up.

I have quite a lot of pictures ! Imagine that ! ?

I'll do the Tag first.

We wanted to do something for Memorial Day and remember those who fought for our freedoms.

So I looked up for something interesting not too far away, that had not been done before.

So we wound up here.

Doesn't look so bad does it?

Or does it?

I found this man's grave in what is called the Old Camden Cemetery.

In, yes, Camden, NJ.

This gentleman, William B. Robertson, was a Colonel and lead troops in the major battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville during the Civil War.

The ornamentation at the top is from the 24th New Jersey.

Beings it was in Camden I figured not too many people would want to leave their bikes like I did.
So I gave this angle from the gate.
Colonel Robertson's grave marker is next to that dead tree.

And if anyone should happen to go there after dark (YEAH RIGHT !!!!!!!) they could use this interesting grave by the entrance to prove they were there.

There is no sign posting the name of this cemetery anywhere !

I also left a note in the fence for verification purposes, if needed.

Nothing fancy, just "PC's New Tag"

So creative ain't I?

This is the entrance gate.

Well, there is a gate off of the road behind the cemetery but it is smaller and not kept up as well.

This one looked safe !

Colonial William B. Robertson's Grave.

Information from the same website,, about the Old Camden Cemetery.

Here is a posting on Find-A-Grave about some of his military career and a picture of him and one I assume of his wife.


SJT 872 Forgotten CW Vets

Colonel William B. Robertson, Old Camden Cemetery @13

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