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day 4...

as always i never sleep that well when camping, add into that the wind had been howling all night long so it was an early morning. i got out of my bag, got my boots on, and stepped out into the wind.

it was still before day break and black as hell. the only thing that i cared about though was a cup of coffee. this meant i had to get the camp stove and find a place out of the wind to light it up and heat up some water. so far i had been very happy with my el cheapo burner. it was pretty compact, light, and really easy to use. the night before when boiling water for dinner i had noticed that it was cooking slower due to the wind, this morning i knew it would be an issue. so i got the stove and fuel, dug out my lighter and went in search of some shelter. i ended up being able to stack a couple big stumps that were being used as camp stools and surround the stove on 3 sides. this gave it enough protection that i could get a decent flame. lit her up , put some water on to boil, then took a quick walk over to the edge to see if i could see any signs of sun rise.

as i got closer and closer to the edge, something funny was happening. i figured it would get windier but instead is was getting calmer. wtf? i thought to my self. oh well, guess i know where im having my coffee.

the day before i had seen a little trail that led down the edge a ways and thought that was my best bet for a spot to sit. i turned and went back to camp, the water was almost ready so i grabbed my cup, poured in my instant coffee mix (yummy ) and then waited for the water to finish boiling.

as soon as i had my coffee i headed back to the edge. the wind was still howling in the camp, but 30 feet ahead and down a few it was perfectly calm. i found a nice rock to sit on and looked east for the rising sun. i could see a sliver of light and new before too long the sun would be up and the temps would rise and hopefully put and end to the wind. even with the hassles of not sleeping, crappy coffee, and the wind, all in all, not a bad way to wake up.

as my coffee cup emptied, i ran back to camp and repeated the coffeee routine, grabbed some trail mix, and came back down. by now the sun was definitely up and it was almost time to wake the kid. i only had one more package of coffee and i knew she would want something warm. so i started more water, enough for coffee and breakfast, and woke her up.

as she dragged her but out of the tent, i handed her the coffee and some food and showed her were to go sit out of the wind. while she ate i quickly began to break camp. by the time she was finished, all that was left was the tent. we took that down, put everything on the bike, packed up any trash we had/found and got ready to go.

the plan for the day was simple, ride north through Fredonia, past Colorado City (all the crazy polygamist places) and into Leeds, UT. it was only 120 miles and i knew we would make good time.

before leaving we took one more look at the view, then mounted up and headed out.

the ride that morning was awesome. the temps were nice and cool and i think my butt was finally accepting the fact that this is how it was gonna be, so it better get used to it. as always, we hauled arse the whole way in. up to this point i had not seen a single law enforcement officer on the roads besides park rangers. this made it way to easy to justify going fast. as i cruised into Hurricane, UT i figured my luck eventually had to run out so i slowed down to the speed limit. no sooner than i did, a utah state trooper passed going the other way. wheeewwhhh!

after that we just flowed with traffic the rest of the way into my grandmothers house without incident.

as we pulled up i could see the confused looks on their faces, "who are these people on the motorcycle in my yard?" i had not mentioned that we were on the bike, but assumed they may have caught a clue. guess not.

anyways, it was nice to see everyone and to know we had a 2 day rest before hitting the road again. time to rest the butts, time to clean the bike, and time to figure out that back tire situation. cold beer and a shower were nice too...

coming soon....the ride home and wrapping it all up.



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