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Originally Posted by markk9 View Post
Nothing is going to change until traffic enforcement is changed from revenue generation to safety enforcement.

All sides have their assholes, bicyclists , car, motorcycles. But in terms of numbers I have met on the road, I have more bad encounters with bicycles.

I commute everyday about 37 miles one way to work on my motorcycle, and can say I probably meet 1 car a day that acts like and ass, but I'm riding on the roads with hundreds of cars. I would have to say the half or more of all bicyclists I met on the road act like an ass.
So, what is "acting like an ass" on the part of these cyclists in your estimation?

Blowing stop signs?
Going through intersections against traffic lights?
Riding three and more abreast?
Just being in the roadway when you think they shouldn't be?
All the above?

There are valid reasons for at least some of these actions which have been commented on profusely in the thread.

For the invalid reasons, I have no problem at all with cops citing cyclists when it's justified. It could well reduce some of the "asshole" behavior, since infractions ticketed while riding a bicycle do count on your driving license record.

Aside from all that, there are what, maybe 10 times more cars than bicycles on the road? The factor is probably bigger than that, so the asshole per vehicle ratio may not be all that different. Maybe it's just that they're more visible on bikes.
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