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Originally Posted by filmfan View Post
So, what is "acting like an ass" on the part of these cyclists in your estimation?

Blowing stop signs?
Going through intersections against traffic lights?
Riding three and more abreast?
Just being in the roadway when you think they shouldn't be?
All the above?

There are valid reasons for at least some of these actions which have been commented on profusely in the thread.
I pick all of the above, most of the bicyclist in the Greensboro area don't seem to think traffic laws apply to them.

I have no problem with sharing the road with them, until they start the militant actions. In NC a fast vehicle as the right to pass a bicyclist.

Being Passed
A bicyclist cannot take actions to prevent another
vehicle from lawfully passing. For example, the vehicle
being passed must give way to the right when given an
audible signal, and may not increase their speed until
they are completely passed. [20-149]
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