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Originally Posted by RideFreak View Post
I though you were taking me riding again Ben

Just kidding, I don't think anyone will have trouble finding some rides to go on or folks to ride with. I suspect there will be all skill levels represented and plenty of opportunities to get in over your head
I may be doing a little riding, your free to tag along

Just so people know if this is your first event, most rallies are done as I described above. I can assure everyone that people are very friendly and more than accommodating. This works really well and gives plenty of riding options, but helps keep the size of groups down.

There is a lot more discussion in the Rockies WF thread about route planning, but here is one example of a single track ride that will be happening....

Originally Posted by Pablo83 View Post
Here’s what I’m thinking for Sat: Cottonwood Pass to Taylor Park. Then we’ll start with Lily Pond; I’ll probably also publish some GPS track that show how to get around Lily Pond for the people that aren’t interested in singletrack. Then take Italian Mtn rd to Am Flag Mtn. I’ll also publish track from here showing how to get back to the campground. After this the day becomes a lot harder: Reno Ridge, Deadman, Block and Tackle, Pearl Pass, Express Creek, and 440 (I think this is called Brush Creek), then home.

For anyone that wants to do a ride or has a specific route please post up. I know there are some guys with really cool routes and any new comers would like to hear who they could tag along with:hear


Just some clarification:

Paul gave me some advice, so I wanted to pass it along about how the white board will work with setting up rides.

We will use it in two fashions:

-If people want to lead a ride and already have a route in mind they can write the info down on the board so people can tag along.


-There can be "suggested routes" gathered from ride info people post up here. For example a few pages back there was a great Big bike DS ride suggestion. That route will be high-lighted on the map and anyone that wants to do that ride can put their name next to it if that sounds like something they want to do. Then we will have an easy way for people to group together that want to do the ride and it's easy for someone to step up as the "leader" (a relative term) even if they have not done the route before and.........we have a ride set up. There are always more than enough people from any riding discipline that are willing to be the leader, nothing wrong with the leader being the group as a whole either.

So another example would be a hardcore single track day on timberline and star, etc, with the route highlighted on the map. Anyone that wants to do this just sign up and the "group" is formed.

So maybe in addition to my last post of asking people willing to lead a ride to post up, lets throw out some route suggestions and start getting an idea of the kinds of rides people want. Maybe you have not ridden in this area but you like doing Engineer Pass, or whatever, post up a ride you liked and were comfortable with and we can offer up some suggestions of similar riding around BV.

For example, I think a great DS ride would be riding Peal Pass, into Aspen for Lunch, ride up the ski Mtn and back via Taylor Pass.

I will have maps etc, at the table but it would be nice if some of the suggested routes could be made into GPS tracks that people can download at the "ride" table. Just thinking out loud, but does anyone have an old laptop (that they dont mind leaving out) that we could run base-camp/mapsource off of and have any of the suggested routes available for download from the laptop????? I have tracks for just about all the stuff in the area and can upload the routes people would like to ride on Thursday night and then people can grab the tracks for the ride they want at any time during the event????

That would make routing and navigation a lot easier for people and open up some riding options if there is no one familiar with a specific route........

Also I printed off the big MVUM for the Gunnison Ntl Forrest, but does anyone know of a source for a full scale PDF map of all the roads around BV (more like an atlas), that would be easier to use for DS, Street and Adventure riding?

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