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Cool video of our 2013 start

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I pulled Schizzman's pics up to the front of the RR so that they're in order with the story:

Originally Posted by SchizzMan View Post
Well, this is pretty much out of order for the RR as I was busy riding Mexico all weekend but Trice asked me to go ahead and post up:

The plan was to leave June 15 for a weekend in Parras de la Fuente followed by a mountain route to Veracruz to enjoy the good company and riding acumen of our amigo MikeMike. Trice agreed to start his trip a few days early to combine our individual Parras plans. Meanwhile, while enjoying Parras, tropical storm Barry, known as an "Onda Este" in Mexico, moved ashore and abruptly ended my Veracruz plans. So I threw in with Trice and we're off for Durango, SR and family, Tia Chona's, Hotel Gobernador, a gold mine, the Espinazo del Diablo, Mazatlán, and the inmate known as Going South.

Friday, June 21, Hotel Gobernador, Durango, Mx., and Tricepilot has beat the sun up (it will later beat him down) to make the 1 km ride to the rally start at the Catedral.

I hoofed it to the Catedral to see them off. Found mostly ATV's and Razr's with a few dirt bikes.

SR shows up all color-coordinated and everything. He'd been up late helping folks get the GPS tracks loaded but was raring and ready to go.

SR and Trice. The only two Gringos in the rally.

While Trice's shirt says KTM his expression reads a bit like WTF. Little does he know what lies ahead.

A last minute repack of the tail bag.

I take my position in the median as photographers crowd the starting line jockeying for the last pix before the start.

Riders begin chanting to go, two-strokes are frantically ringadinging while four-strokes brraap in anticipation. Then they're off.

In a moment the street quieted down with just a few organizers, media and Walter Bishop waiting for any stragglers.

And there were a few, each wearing the slightly panicked expression of having overslept.

One of the organizers making sure these participants stop and put on their helmets.

Then I was off to Sanborn's for breakfast.

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