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The Return of the Son of the Wedge!

I broke the G/S's orig throttle perch in the woods/band camp one time. When i pulled it off the Magic Wedge was looking at me with a smirk. Got a used single-pull perch w/ same part # from a d00d with an R80RT i think. I broke that used perch in 2 trying to spread the perch apart enough for the Wedge to live peaceably with the bars. I cursed the Wedge.

I then decided to Hell with the old single-pull throttle anyway. I got a brandnew late GS twin-cable perch and new cables from Max. It was lovely as i pulled it out of the bag. I thought, "I really don't want to grapple with the Wedge again. And I REALLY don't want to break this fkn brandnew perch either."

I found the Wedge laying low in a spare parts cup. Still smirking.

I did a test fit and it seemed as no-go as it had w/ the used RT perch that i'd already broken.

I said adios to the Wedge. Put the twin-pull perch on without it and left it a little loose anyway-- i like having perches able to rotate a little in a biff.

So long, Wedge.
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