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Originally Posted by rob feature View Post
No, rules around here state that you're supposed to announce that you're approaching. Bells are even suggested on some of the official rule signage. It's kinda like yelling 'on your left'. However, I've found that yelling anything can be misinterpreted. Furthermore, on the same short list of rules, it states that users should stay to the right half of the path in the direction they're going unless passing. Since most folks rarely observe ANY of the rules, I give 'em a little ding to let 'em know I'm coming.
That is pretty much the rule here for multi-use paths. Use a bell to announce your intent to pass. The walker/runner/slow rider is obligated to make a reasonable effort to not hinder the faster person's pass. That said, the faster person is also obligated to pass safely. This means not crowding the slower person and not moving into the path of someone coming the other way.

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