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Mounting your bike while its on its side stand

Thanks for asking this. I've seen it done by a rider who is about 6'4" and in good shape. He mounted his GS from its right side while it faced up hill in my driveway.

I've "toyed" with mounting from the left side while my GS sits on its stock side stand ever since I developed something called "Sciatica." That is, I went from 18 years-old to 97 years-old when my lower vertebrae collapsed and I couldn't walk for a month and couldn't raise my right foot over the rear seat.

I haven't tried it yet, but I'm getting close to as I want to ride with panniers again and put some ground under me.

If you've tried it -- and it does feel pretty weird -- let me know. Is it better to twist the bars left, or to the right? Any special prayers?
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