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Originally Posted by filmfan View Post
It has it's plusses and minuses.

As long as you can manage to stay out of the way of the inattentive morons for a few seconds, then you're good. They run by you and are gone (at least until the next one comes along ).

OTH, if you have a motor, then you are moving along with them, and you may be dealing with that inattentive moron for miles.

Which is better?
Moving along with the morons is by far safer than having a huge disparity of speed between vehicles. The inatentive morons are much less likely to run into you from behind if you're traveling the same speed they are. If the inattentive morons are traveling much faster than you are, there's less time for inattentive morons and you to react to eachother, thereby increasing the likelihood of problems.

Originally Posted by Homey View Post
677 people were killed riding bicycles in 2011.
4612 people were killed riding morotcycles in 2011.

What's the perceived danger vs real danger?
I suspect many of the motorcycle fatalities were self inflicted, whereas the majority of bicycle fatalities were likely the result of the bicyclist striking or being struck by traffic. The statistics aren't broken down correctly for motorcycles to be able to make a determination (ie weeding out the single vehicle/self inflicted deaths) though.
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