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Originally Posted by PeteN95 View Post
Anybody who wins or gets pole has a great car, I am simply saying certain drivers are better at qualifying or racing and I think those numbers prove it. This has more to do with the particular driver, not the car. Although the Mercedes does have a problem with tire wear this year, making that car a better qualifier, but this is the exception not the rule.
When one car consistently outperforms the others at certain tasks, then you have no choice but to notch down the driver's impact.

I'm not saying that Vettel is a bad driver. I'm saying that in the Red Bull era which we are currently enduring, it's a bad idea to draw any conclusions about the qualifying skills of other drivers. Alonso's 12 poles in '04 and '05 didn't happen by themselves. Since then, other than his brief McLaren fiasco, he has been in mediocre cars.

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