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Using what WORKS!

Countdown is used to using what WORKS for his usage without alot of finagling.

Others on here are 'early adopters' who get to deal with all the things that don't quite work... yet. That's not to say they won't get there, but lots of things don't quite work like they used to and there doesn't seem to be good reasons WHY they were changed.

Sure, he, and I, would like some updates - newer receiver chips, standard memory cards, more and longer tracks and routes. But the user interface on the older units works pretty good... as does the package (case, screen size, resolution) on a number of units - 276c, 398/498, etc. Some slightly older units work reasonably well, just need bigger screen - 60/76 series come to mind.

And you'd be hard pressed to find somebody who's been involved with technology on motorcycles longer than Countdown... if you don't know why his user name is what it is, check it out.

You'd also be hard pressed to find somebody who has done more GPS usage than him.... look at the number of routes/tracks/events that he's been involved in.

I've been using GPS's on my bikes/sleds well over a decade for riding, and nearly a decade to route/plan/ride/distribute stuff.... lots of stuff. I tend to agree with most of his complaints on some of the newer units. Heck, I use units that nobody else is even thinking of running and making it work - look at the pic of my bike's GPS's on the early Mobius 10 ride report.

I'm experimenting with other even more exotic Garmin stuff, and sometimes it seems like they deliberately make it hard for us to use it for our purposes. Why? They already have the software to do what we want to do, why did they take it out? Sheesh! These are units for a different market segment, but if the software was right the hardware is more than capable of doing what we are asking of Garmin....

Oh, and I've sent those suggestions along to Garmin and it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.
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