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Originally Posted by RidingDonkeys View Post
Concerning the reports of front end instability, I have conducted my own research of sorts.

I started with a Strada. I ran it up to 90+ several times, and never saw any of the instability issues that folks reported.

I changed to the spoke wheels, 21" up front with a Heide K60. I also have Barkbusters installed. I ran it up to 90+ several times today for sustained periods, and still didn't experience any instability.

Tires were balanced on both sets of wheels.

I have to think that there is an individual factor here that is causing this in some bikes, because I've now tested both wheel combos and experienced nothing but an excessive grin on my face.
Another way to test for instability is to get up to 90 or so ... then cut throttle and take both hands off the bars. This is how we would test Sport bikes in the old days. Almost ALL would go into a mild weave ... some devolve into a slapper if you let it go. It would be worse if you did this then hit neutral. Getting hands back on bars always settled things back down, no problem.

I'm impressed your not getting even a slight weave on your bike. Most every dual sport I've owned since the mid 80's has done this at high speed.
No tank slappers for me ... just that mild weave.

As most know, a light grip on the bars is best. All kinds of things can affect this weave ... the list is a mile long. In my experience tires have the biggest influence. YMMV.

The Strada and Terra sound to me like most are well within the safe zone.

How many hours is that stock seat good for?
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