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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
Here in washinhton state, some may make excuses for doing it, but there are no"valid reasons".

A bicycle is a vehicle, and all vehicles are required to obey all applicable laws.
There are valid reasons for SOME of the actions in the list.
Agreed, blowing stop signs, even CA stops is illegal (no one here does that right???!!!)
Same with stop lights.

However, as for the traffic lane, all vehicles including bicycles are entitled to their space in the traffic lane. Bikes must stay to the right, as far as what is safe. But, as you pointed out, who is responsible for determining that? If it isn't safe hugging the fog line, it's legal for the bicycle to be elsewhere in the lane.
Impeding traffic, for most states is 5 + or - vehicles following. I've never seen that happen. I'm sure they exist, but no cyclists I've ever ridden with would allow that to happen. I certainly would not.
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