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Excellent bike, however it's not a 450x and it is CARB legal for hiway licensing. You can find this model in their list for 2007 motorcycles. I had the 250xcfw in that year. Outstanding trailbike. NOT plate-able, so I sold it.

IMO it's a better bike than the 525 unless you're an expert, a racer, or 6' and over 200lbs. The 450 has less flywheel enertia so they turn easier, feel lighter, and are less fatiguing over a day of riding. Also much more well engineered than the honda, more durable.

EDIT: I like black plastics too, but would put the 'factory black' shroud decals on it. With nothing it looks unfinished. Or is that an oversized tank - one you can't put decals on?
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