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Originally Posted by markk9 View Post
I pick all of the above, most of the bicyclist in the Greensboro area don't seem to think traffic laws apply to them.

I have no problem with sharing the road with them, until they start the militant actions. In NC a fast vehicle as the right to pass a bicyclist.

Being Passed
A bicyclist cannot take actions to prevent another
vehicle from lawfully passing. For example, the vehicle
being passed must give way to the right when given an
audible signal, and may not increase their speed until
they are completely passed. [20-149]
Its a funny thing,this holier then thou thing saying bicyclists dont follow the rules of the road to your specs.

When Im out on my bike I can watch every little thing cars are doing quite easily.

High % of cars dont stop at stop signs,either blowing through on the gas or barely slowing while they sip their latte.

Small % of cars go the speed limit,most are in a hurry gotta go now.

Signal for turns? If the mood is right maybe.

U turns no matter what the signs say? I see it all the time.

Tailgating as a way of life? Every time I drive somewhere especially on a hiway somebody will come flying up behind to latch onto the rear bumper,I let em by and they latch on the next bumper in line.
They're in a hurry.

The difference is a bicycle is only making himself a victim blowing stop signs while a car is a certified weapon and can smash many things in it's path, while the operator sits in quad air bagged and strapped in safety.
Some bikes around at times
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