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Threads and posts like this

What's happened!?! You go away and ride your bike for a few weeks and OC turns into GSpot!! Reading this and all the other moaners on here you would think KTM had produced a lemon and that you can tell a 1190 rider cos his left thigh is on fire, he has bloodshot eyes from all the buffeting and he cries himself to sleep every night cos the indicator button is so whatever - not so, it is a superb bike!!

I have had my new 1190R 6 weeks and I have done 3000 miles. 1300 of them to watch Rossi win his first MotoGP in 3 years at Assen in Holland, on a trip via Normandy France and the Ardennes in Belgium with my brother on his Suzuki GSXR 1000.

The 1190R has perfomed way beyond my expectations, it has carried all our camping kit to Europe, commuted each week into London - filtering past everything, and carried my wife to the coast.

It is a different bike to my 990's and better for what I need in almost every way. The power is just there when you need it wth no glitches in the fueling, the Akrapovic pops and burbles on the over-run, the brakes are in a different league to what went before, the standard seat is all-day and I mean 600 mile all-day comfortable, you get a 200 mile tank range if you behave yourself, less if you don't and the mirrors give you great rear vision. But best of all its not a GS. It may have lost some of the Rally styling of the 950/990, but it still has the KTM DNA and it still looks and feels like my Enduro bike, especially the bars.

Anything annoying, well all I can think of and I am struggling here, is the little storage unit near the dash - it is useful (I keep a small front wheel disk lock in there) but the closing mechanism is cheap and weak. Also if you ride over 95 mph (150 KM) or higher for prolonged periods, it can get a little vibey in your throttle hand.

Errrr that's it...................

Yes you can feel the heat on your left thigh, but it is nothing to write home about, maybe if you are stuck in traffic in 30 degrees C or above - but the radiator temp does not move - it stays at 4 bars regardless of how you ride, even in traffic. The indicator switch really is not a problem, you just get used to it. And there is no buffeting - I am 5' 10" and on the highest setting (to fit my sat nav) it is absolutely fine.

I loved my 990R but the 1190R has moved things on and I am just enjoying every ride - I just hope I get to keep my licence - cos it brings out the naughty boy in you on every ride.....
No mate actually today I have some petrol in my left foot its all coming out from overload pipe. And when I stop if I look at that exit pipe it's got fumes coming out from it .that isn't normal.

For the last 5 years I ride the most advance bikes and ktm is one of them . As a 14000 paid customer I do have so expectations from the bike. I am happy with the bikes performance so far no problems . But mainly the things I am concern about the ktm technicians . I don't know how trained they are for this new bike? Are they really know more then us about this bike?

I bought the bike 8 weeks ago had my first service done and no problems but little annoying things which should have been sorted in the service.

First fuel problem I was having 28 mpg ! Go to the dealer they reset the ECU and 34 mpg in the city now which is ok.

Secondly my keys of the panniers wasn't fitting . They order me a set of keys 2 weeks to arrive and bam they are not fitting too. And then they customise it now my left bag doesn't come out from the rail. Tomorrow they will sortin out.

Now the third one I smell petrol in the traffic. London got some rush hour traffic and around that time the bikes get heat . Which isn't pleasant anyway but the petrol smell is almost dangerous . And I just missed my gear shift and look down my feet got petrol on it? I know there is a overflow pipe if the petrol tank is too full it gets the overfill out but I did have low fuel signal for god sake.

Forth yesterday as I was parking in Mayfair London I have got a low oil warning! Check the oil and it was almost empty in the screen. Called the dealer to ask the type of the oil they told me motorex 10w50 fully synthetic . Looked every where couldn't find in central London. ! Find it in else where which I travel with tube. Castrol 10w50 . I was missing 400 ml oil which is upsetting for me I am on 1350 miles . The told me it can loose oil some engines when they are new they do lose it. Fair enough.

I had 2010 kawasaki Gtr 1400 , Ducati diavel carbon, Ducati 769 hypermoto, 2012 Kawasaki zzr1400, Suzuki burgman 650 , and never had a oil problem before or fuel.for god sake even ducati diavel was 36 mpg in city :)

Anyways the reason I am not getting rid of 1190 is I always give second and third chance to everything. I think it is truly a brilliant bike and all bikes got some silly problems . Hope fully ktm will make some heat shelds for the future customers I know that we are sort of beta testing the bike .

1190 is still a bike. Would recommend anyone to buy and enjoy cause it worths the money.
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