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Originally Posted by coach03860 View Post
Well it's here at the pump...E15 all the way up to E85. Now what do I do?

Go on to the next gas station. That being said.......

My little 16 year-old 100 cc Honda is not gasohol compatible. It is properly maintained and reliable, gets better than 100 mpg, has done 216,000 km, and should be good for many more. I see no need to replace it, but getting 100% gasoline is getting difficult.

The powers that be in Thailand have seen fit to discourage the use of gasoline, so now only 4 gas stations on the island I live on stock it.... but they do good sales to motorcyclists. Registered motorcycles outnumber cars by three to one. A good few of them are over ten years old and cannot use gasohol..... We are stuck with having to buy 95 octane gasoline for machines that run fine on 91 octane, and paying 30% more than gasohol 91.

Oh well, I suppose it keeps some people happy; those who can afford to drive cars and/or ride new motorcycles. The hoi polloi are stuck with paying more for gasoline, or stumping up with the deposit on a flash new bike and paying it off at hefty interest rates. That will make gasohol producers and finance companies smile too.
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