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Originally Posted by nathanthepostman View Post
Hey Kwak, how's it going mate?

The mag's called Adventure Bike Rider. So I guess it's up my street really. Riding the new CCM 450 Adventure on Monday, which I'm excited about.

Do they have a four speed centrifugal clutch as well I wonder?
Hey, good score there Nathan. Congrats! We just started getting Adventure Bike Rider UK here in the USA. I saw it at our Barnes & Noble a couple weeks ago.

Unfortunately they charge about $10 US for it I buy a Coffee and read it in the shop. Haven't got a feel for it quite yet ... but I'm a magazine addict so read most.

Hey, if your Testing new bikes you'll have to replace your Converse trainers
with some actual Moto boots! Who knows? Maybe even a real leather jacket? Having worked for the mags for years, I can tell you one UP side is the LOADS of swag you'll get. Most of it is crap ... and they'll want you to lie about it and say how great it is.

I hope that mag can hang on and survive. It's very tough out there ... and once the advertisers figure out who RTW guys really are ... (cheapskates without a penny ) they may pull up stakes. Lets hope not and hope more Ewan and Charlie types join the ranks to give ADV RTW riding proper Cred.

All the best!
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