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Originally Posted by Steveo. View Post
The tires weren't in bad shape and should have easily made the 600km ride down to my new set of tires waiting in Idaho. My dad (who has logged an uncountable number of miles on his bikes) even remarked that he thought I was a little premature replacing my tires when I got Stateside. I think it was the extreme heat, some rough, gritty pavement and about 200km of unpatrolled roads where speed limits may have been exceeded that severley shortened the tire life.

I'm pissed that the shop took advantage of a rider who was obviously against a wall, but happy the tire didn't come apart and send me off the road. In the end, I learned two things: New tires sooner and the Cranbrook Harley dealer is a scam.
Agreed, sometimes poor quality tires get past quality control, also that you got ripped off. Sadly these days most old fashioned motorcycle shops have been replaced by the boutique variety or the motorsports mega store that is all about the $$$ and nothing about helping riders.

Harley dealers that worked me over: Zion Harley Davidson in Utah and the now defunct Coeur D'alene HD in Idaho.

My good list of shops that helped me and didn't rake me over the coals:

Kamloops HD in Canada and a family owned shop Lawrence HD in Coeur D'alene that put me ahead of their other shop work when I showed up with a bald rear tire, had me back on the road in no time and charged a very fair price.
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