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Custom rear rack for the Terra

I'm not looking to go into business here, but I am starting the process of making a custom rack for the rear of the Terra. Since mine took a ginormous s*** :

I purchased some hollow tubing and strap, a pipe bender (getting returned for a hydraulic one) and a pipe notcher. Since I'm going to all of this effort to make myself one, I might as well fab up a few more to cover the costs of the necessary tools. Typically I would just build something in the fabrication lab at the university where I paid for 10 years of experience just to get a career in some totally non-related field... but I moved, and I'm not driving 2 hours away just to use their equipment. OK, I take that back, I weld at work every now and then:

Tweber sent me this for an idea of a rear rack for the Terra:
Vstrom custom rear rack.

The tubing I purchased is a little larger in diameter and will be stouter. I'm not going to copy this design closely, but it serves as a decent starting point (I'm thinking something that follows the lines of the tail better). So if anyone else is interested in a custom rear rack (price to be determined when I get the design figured out and tested) shoot me some other racks for ideas.

Once I get a general design down I can probably start taking orders and make the racks with whatever bells and whistles you want, such as passenger grab bars on the side or weld on some strap with pre-drilled holes for mounting a Roto-pax fuel cell.

I'll keep you guys updated on the progress. They will be MIG welded for the mean time, I'm considering purchasing the TIG setup for my welder, but that also means buying an Argon bottle and regulator/flow meter ($$$). So until I cough up the money for that, this will be done with MIG.
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